Proper Diet to Reduce Belly Fat

Proper Diet to Reduce Belly Fat

You have been looking for the proper diet to reduce belly fat. And most likely you have found a plethora of information online to tell you what to do.

However there is one problem. It’s all different. Every single diet is different from the other. This of course leads to confusion about what exactly to do. From here, it becomes overwhelming and more often than not, people give up on their quest.

In this article, we are going to discuss what it will take for you to reduce belly fat.

One thing that you will find in your research is that the fitness industry is obsessed with selling you a one size fits all approach to losing belly fat. Why? Because it costs them less money to produce these things.

What you are going to learn is that everyone is different, and you are going to need to find out what works for you before taking any other advice. Luckily, that is what this article is here for.

One thing that I must mention is that no diet to reduce belly fat is fully effective unless it is combined with a solid workout plan. Download our app All Workouts: Personal Trainer (iOS | Google Play) to ensure that you have your plan set in motion.

Everybody holds fat differently

Belly fat is the most common form of fat on people. That is just genetics. And it makes sense, because our bellies are closest to our stomach.

What you will find out is that not everyone holds fat in their belly. Or they might have a combination of belly fat and fat in other areas. For example, I am someone who stores fat in my belly and my neck.

Have you ever seen somebody that has huge thighs but a small waist? That is another example of someone who stores fat in other places than their stomach.

Why should you care about all this? Because the truth is that you cannot target areas of high fat. You must target your whole body and those high fat areas will fall with the rest of your body.

For most people, your belly is the first place to gain fat. Which means it’s going to be the last place you are going to lose fat. Think of it as first in, last out. Meaning that the first place you gain fat is going to be the last place you lose fat.

I think a lot of people get frustrated with this because they are losing fat in other places of their body, but not their belly.

You are probably going to see a lot of diet pills or specialty fruit extracts that claim to target belly fat. These are all scams, and there is no evidence to suggest that you can target belly fat only. I always hold to the idea that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true.

Caloric deficits are your proper diet

Ok, now we understand how fat is held on our bodies, but what about the proper diet to reduce belly fat. That is why you came here after all. You will find that the best diet you can create for yourself is by eating at a caloric deficit.

A caloric deficit is when you eat below your maintenance calorie number every day. This forces your body to get rid of extra fat stores.

But there is a catch. Everybody has a different maintenance calorie number, and you probably don’t know yours. You can start by learning how to calculate your maintenance calories here.

Once you have that number, you now have the power to change your life in any direction that you want. You can lose fat in a deficit, or gain muscle in a surplus.

Since we are talking about reducing belly fat, let’s focus on a caloric deficit. Start by eating 500 calories per day under your maintenance number. If you aren’t losing at least a pound per week, then drop down another 250 calories per day. Keep up this trend until you are losing a pound per week.

But what about the actual diet part? The best thing about knowing your calories is that you can essentially eat what you want with the caveat that at the end of the day, it must fall under your maintenance calorie number.

Get used to weighing out everything you eat with a digital kitchen scale and recording every calorie in MyFitnessPal. Sure, it is tedious at first, but once you get the hang of it and see the fat shed off your body, you will love it.

The proper diet to reduce belly fat starts with eating at a caloric deficit. That is really all it takes.

Reducing belly fat takes time

We sometimes hear of an overnight success when it comes to financial gains. Someone wins the lotto or someone sells their business for a billion dollars. Well, I have some bad news. That doesn’t happen in the fat loss world.

There are no quick fixes for eliminating belly fat. But it is shocking that you can find plenty of businesses that claim you can eliminate belly fat within weeks.

The problem here is that these companies give people false hope about what they can do with their bodies. This in turn leads to frustration when expectations don’t fall in line with reality.

The best thing that you can possibly do is learn about realistic fitness goals for beginners. This will help you get an idea about what your body can do.

With time, your body can make some shocking changes.

You have probably heard of the term “crash dieting,” right? It is when you go on an extreme diet to lose weight quickly. Well the reality is that your body can only lose so much fat in a short amount of time.

So what people mostly lose is a little bit of fat and a lot of water weight. And then of course, when the crash diet is over, they go back to their old ways.

The whole point I am trying to make is that you need to find a steady pace of being in a caloric deficit and be comfortable with losing small increments over time. Think about this. If you lost 1 pound per week, that is 52 pounds in a year. And over 150 pounds in 3 years.

Those small increments add up over time. And if you really want to supercharge your results, get on a steady workout plan. Our app can help with that.

Main Point: Proper diet to reduce belly fat

For some people, this is not what you wanted to hear. For others, this is exactly what you needed to hear. Finding the proper diet to reduce belly fat is not about learning exactly what to eat. It is about learning how to eat at a caloric deficit.

Weighing out food, scanning labels, and making sure you track every calorie that you eat is tedious and time consuming at first. But it is one of the best time investments that you can ever make for your body.

You will not regret putting in the time to do this.

Don’t forget that everyone holds fat differently on their body. And if fat first showed up on your belly, that means it is going to be the last to leave.

Think about it this way. Reducing belly fat is not just about belly fat. It is about reducing fat across your whole body. There is no proven way to directly target your belly fat, so get that idea out of your head.

The last thing I will remind you of is that if you really want the best results, I highly recommend working out in conjunction with your caloric deficit. When you combine these 2, it is like your body will be a fat burning machine.

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