High Calorie Breakfast for Bulking: Your Options

High Calorie Breakfast for Bulking

Building a high calorie breakfast for bulking can be a tedious task. This is especially challenging if you struggle to eat breakfast like me. Luckily, I have put together some options that we can take a look at.

Everything that you will see in this article is appetizing, balanced, and full of calories.

For a little bit of background on me, I used to be ridiculously skinny. I had no idea how many calories that I needed to eat to gain weight. Once I figured it out, I was really frustrated because I literally could never eat enough food.

That all changed when I started learning the secrets of calorie dense foods.

I would eat big breakfasts every morning and I started to build some muscle. Even then, it wasn’t enough, and I started experimenting with shakes. You will find my favorite one on this list.

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Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Hash Browns, and Avocado Slices

This might sound like a normal breakfast, but it is the quantity and the addition of avocado slices that really packs on the calories. Let’s take a look at the caloric breakdown here:

3 Slices of Bacon – 126 calories
3 Eggs – 214 calories
10 Ounces of Hash Browns – 208 calories
2 Slices of Rye Toast – 250 calories
1 Whole Avocado Sliced – 240 calories

Total – 1,038 Calories

As you can see, every little thing adds up. If you take away the toast and the avocado, you are almost down 500 calories. That is a big number if you struggle to gain weight. You need to take every little advantage that you can.

And of course, you can always add or subtract anything from this list. For example, my calculations didn’t include butter for the toast. Or maybe you want more bacon. Just calculate it into your total.

If you aren’t using an app like MyFitnessPal to track every calorie that you are eating, you really should be. I also highly recommend getting a digital kitchen scale, like this one from Amazon.

At the end of the day, if you are the type of person who can eat a lot of food at breakfast, this is the way to go. It all is fairly easy to cook, or at least meal prep for. You will end up getting some serious gains from this meal.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Eating oatmeal by itself is boring and difficult to eat. Eating peanut butter on it’s own is downright impossible. But for some reason, when you combine the two, it’s like a perfect combination that tastes great and is high in calories.

Let’s see what we can do with our calories:

1.5 Cups of Dry Oatmeal – 450 calories
4 TBSP of Jif Creamy Peanut Butter – 380 calories

Total – 830 Calories

Ok, so it’s not as many calories as our first meal, but it is probably the easiest one to make on this list.

It almost tastes like a dessert, but if you look at the macro breakdown, it is actually a perfect high calorie breakfast for bulking.

1000 Calorie Protein Shake

This is my favorite on the list by far. It is the easiest to clean up, and I actually drink one of these every single morning. It is my go to breakfast.

For the full recipe and how-to, check out my 1000 calorie protein shake recipe.

Let’s look at a full breakdown of what’s in it:

8oz of Whole Milk – 150 Calories
66g (2 Servings) of JIF Creamy Peanut Butter – 380 Calories
60g (2 Servings) of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate Protein Powder – 240 Calories
100g of Frozen Bananas – 89 Calories
100g of Frozen Strawberries – 32 Calories
15ml (1 Tablespoon) of MCT Oil – 100 Calories

Total – 991 Calories

The best part about the 1000 calorie protein shake is that it is the easiest to consume. As I mentioned in the introduction, I have struggled in the past with eating breakfast. Not anymore.

Now I can just guzzle my way to 1000 calories and feel good about it. If it wasn’t for this shake, I would have never been able to go from a skinny guy to someone who is happy with his muscle content.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Breakfast Burrito

One of the best things about breakfast burritos is that you can meal prep them and put them in the freezer for months. Then just pop one in the microwave for 2 minutes and it should be cooked through.

But as you would expect, not all breakfast burritos are created equally. You can have a 200 calorie breakfast burrito, or an 800 calorie breakfast burrito. It all depends on what you put in it.

Let’s go over my burrito recipe, and see how many calories we can get it to:

1 Extra Large La Banderita Flour Tortilla (Burrito Grande) – 220 Calories
3 Slices of Bacon – 126 calories
3 Eggs – 214 calories
50 Grams of Kraft Mexican Shredded Cheese – 183 Calories

Total – 743 Calories

As you can see, the breakfast burrito is a great option, especially if you have the time to meal prep a bunch of them. You can make 10 of them just from one bag of tortillas.

And don’t forget, you can always add more things to the burrito to make it more calorie dense. More cheese, add sausage, more bacon or eggs, different sauces, etc…

The best part about meal prepping is that you can decide what you want to put in your meals. And if you feel like you aren’t eating enough calories, simply add more calories to your meals. It isn’t that difficult.

Main Point: High calorie breakfast for bulking

What is your favorite high calorie breakfast for bulking? The secret to getting the most out of your high calorie breakfasts is to make sure that you are counting every calorie and ensuring that they add up to what you want them to be.

I gave you 4 recipes for great breakfasts that I have made before. Although I absolutely love the ease of drinking a 1000 calorie protein shake every morning, it’s nice to have other options from time to time.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of high calorie breakfasts for bulking. But this should give you a good baseline of where to start.

The key to a good bulk is remaining in a caloric surplus at all times, and lifting heavy weights. If you can do both of those things for an extended period of time, you are all set.

Don’t get bogged down by the shiny new objects that are always presenting themselves in the fitness industry. All it takes is eating right, working out, and consistency. It has been working for centuries, and there is nothing new about it.

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