1000 Calorie Protein Shake Recipe: Great for Muscle Gain

1000 Calorie Protein Shake Recipe

The thought of a 1000 calorie protein shake was never really something I knew was a possibility. If you browse around our posts for long enough, you will find that we have a lot of content surrounding muscle building and mass gaining. That is because I struggled to gain mass the majority of my life. This shake is a game changer.

I have a confession, if you weigh everything perfectly, this recipe is actually 991 calories. If you are trying to put on muscle or size in general, I highly recommend getting a food scale from Amazon.

It will ensure that you are eating the right amount of calories for your goals. When you weigh everything that you eat, you can then tweak your diet to either increase or decrease your pace. If you want more details, check out our article about 3 tips for going from a thin to muscular body.

Do you like delicious chocolate milkshakes, but it doesn’t seem like the right way to add mass?

Well, this is the perfect recipe for you! Take a look at the calorie breakdown:

Calorie Breakdown of a 1000 Calorie Protein Shake

Do not be turned off by the amount of fat that you see here. If you are struggling to gain muscle and gain weight, you absolutely need these calories to make it happen. Your body is burning calories at a rapid pace, and you have no choice but to give it more calories than it consumes.

Ok, it is time to get to the step by step guide to create your 1000 calorie protein shake. Here is a list of the ingredients that we are going to use, and where to buy them:

Whole Milk – Buy at your local grocery store
Jif Peanut Butter – Amazon Link
Optimum Gold Standard Chocolate Protein – Amazon Link
Frozen Bananas – Buy at your local grocery store
Frozen Strawberries – Buy at your local grocery store
Organic MCT Oil – Amazon Link

Step 1: Pour 8 ounces of whole milk into your blender

1000 Calorie Protein Shake Recipe Whole Milk

As you can see here, I am using a Ninja personal blender for making this high calorie shake. You can use any blender that you want. I just find that for me, it is way easier to clean, especially since I drink one of these shakes every day.

Step 2: Add in 66 grams of Jif Creamy Peanut Butter (1000 calorie protein shake flavor powerhouse)

1000 Calorie Muscle Building Shake Peanut Butter

This may seem like a lot of peanut butter, but it is our secret ingredient to making this a high calorie shake for mass gain. 66 grams of peanut butter is 2 servings. You can see it on the nutrition label.

Depending on what brand of peanut butter you use, you might find that the serving size differs. Just try to stay as close to this recipe as possible.

Step 3: Add the frozen strawberries and frozen bananas

Muscle Building Shake Strawberries and Bananas

Here, you are going to need 100 grams of each, and they have to be frozen for this recipe.

My grocery store actually doesn’t sell frozen bananas, so what I do is buy 2-3 bunches at a time. I will cut them up all at once, and put them into bags in the freezer. Depending on how many bananas you have, this could last you weeks or months. Did I mention how cheap bananas are?

You can either buy fresh strawberries, or already frozen strawberries. If you have a Costco near you, I highly recommend their frozen strawberries. They have 2 different kinds, fancy grade A strawberries, and organic strawberries. I always go with the organic strawberries.

Step 4: Here comes the protein powder for muscle growth and support

Mass Gainer Shake All Ingredients

Everyone knows that protein is what fuels muscle growth. What some people fail to realize however, is that you need to be consuming enough TOTAL calories for the protein to even do its job.

You can workout every single day for the next 3 years, but if you are not eating enough total calories to support muscle growth, you are wasting your time.

I learned this the hard way when I worked out for 8 years straight with not much of a body change. Once I realized my total calorie intake was minuscule, I started drinking my 1000 calorie protein shake every morning. Combined with working out, and eating properly, I was able to build a ton of muscle.

Speaking of working out, if you haven’t downloaded our workout app All Workouts: Personal Trainer (iOS | Google Play), we highly recommend downloading it. We have many FREE workout plans and a ton of great features!

Step 5: Top off your 1000 calorie protein shake with our secret ingredient

Weight Gain Shake MCT Oil
I realize now that you can’t see the MCT oil. It is clear, and almost flavorless, but has so many health benefits!

To me, this is optional. Even if you don’t add this in, you can still have a mass gainer shake. It will just be around 891 calories instead of 1000 calories.

With that being said, I like to add it in my shake, because according to WebMD, it has a ton of brain and health benefits. It is known to reduce inflammation, increase brain activity, and improve digestion.

Recipe: 1000 Calorie Protein Shake

1000 Calorie Protein Shake for Gains Finished

8oz of Whole Milk
66g (2 Servings) of JIF Creamy Peanut Butter
60g (2 Servings) of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate Protein Powder
100g of Frozen Bananas
100g of Frozen Strawberries
15ml (1 Tablespoon) of MCT Oil

Main Point: You need a mass gainer protein shake if you are struggling to put on muscle or size

There really is no secret to putting on muscle and size. With that being said, you need to be working out at least 3 days per week, and you need to be eating more calories than your body is consuming. If you can do that, you will gain muscle at a pace that you never thought possible.

I wrote this because I struggled a lot to put on muscle, and it took years to figure out a recipe that actually had great ingredients. Most fitness influencers or articles you stumble upon want to sell you their best protein powder, or a quick fix for building muscle.

We hope that you found this article helpful. Comment below what you like about this recipe, or what you would have done differently.

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