Can Pre Workout Cause Kidney Stones? It’s Not That Simple

Can Pre Workout Cause Kidney Stones

One of my first questions when I was diagnosed with a kidney stone was can pre workout cause kidney stones? Considering my diet is healthy, I was shocked to find out that I had a kidney stone.

I have always been told that people who eat unhealthy foods, or drink soda are the ones who get kidney stones.

Well, since I don’t do any of that, I started to think of what could have caused my kidney stone. Could it be the amount of protein that I take? According to the Mayo Clinic, those who have a high protein diet are more inclined to get a kidney stone.

I thought that this might be the cause because I am known to drink a 1000 Calorie Protein Shake every morning. This particular protein shake has 71 grams of protein in it, which is a lot to drink in one sitting. However, it turns out that there isn’t much science behind this claim. It may be a contributing factor, but not the cause.

What type of pre workout you choose matters

What about my pre workout? If you look at a popular pre workout like N.O. Xplode, you are going to find that there are a ton of experimental ingredients in there. With all sorts of crazy ingredient names that you have never heard of, you have to trust the company that you are buying from.

Mostly, these pre workouts are created in a factory that makes more than just what they are selling. It can be scary to think about what else they are producing there.

After being diagnosed with a kidney stone myself, I had no choice but to find a natural pre workout that ticked all of the boxes for me. My rules were simple. No crazy ingredients that I have never heard of and no artificial sweeteners.

What I found was not only cheaper, but it tasted better and gave me more energy. The pre workout is Vega Sport Premium Energizer.

Other factors to consider

Are you drinking enough water? Eating too much salt? Are you overweight? Has anyone else in your family had a kidney stone? Are you taking any calcium based medication?

Dehydration is a major accelerant when it comes to getting kidney stones. If you are not drinking enough water, you may want to change that. A simple way to measure your water intake is to just buy a gallon jug at the grocery store. Every morning, simply fill the jug to the top, and make sure that you drink the whole gallon by the end of the day. This will ensure that you get enough water.

If you would rather buy something more sustainable, this 1 gallon stainless steel jug from RTIC is something that I recommend. I have multiple tumblers from RTIC that I have had for many years.

Never rule out the role of salt in your diet. Sodium in general is not great for you in excess. Although sodium doesn’t affect your total consumption of calories, it will certainly affect processes within your body.

Being overweight is also something to consider that might have a negative affect on your propensity to be diagnosed with a kidney stone. This is fairly straightforward, so I won’t get into more detail here, but being overweight causes buildup in certain areas of your body. In your kidneys, this buildup may cause different blockages, which in turn can turn into kidney stones.

Stick to a plan

Are you struggling to stick to a workout plan? Gaining muscle and losing fat is a simple formula. Let our app All Workouts: Personal Trainer (iOS | Google Play) guide you through the process.

If anyone in your family has been diagnosed with a kidney stone, that might mean you have a genetic leaning towards acquiring one. While unfortunate, you must take the proper precautions to prevent getting a kidney stone.

Lastly, closely monitor the medications that you take on a regular basis. When you create a surplus of calcium in your kidneys, they will have to work overtime to filter them out. This may cause some to be left behind, which will ultimately turn into a kidney stone.

Main Point – Can Pre Workout Cause Kidney Stones?

While the straightforward answer is not so simple, the easiest answer is that pre-workout can absolutely be a contributing factor for causing kidney stones.

Consider this. Anything consumed regularly or in excess can be a culprit of what may cause a kidney stone. Now is the right time to take an audit of what you are eating, drinking, or consuming in any other way.

Is there anything that stands out to you? Is it your pre workout? Do you drink soda every day? Can pre workout cause kidney stones?

Let us know what you think is the biggest contributing factor to YOU getting a kidney stone in the comment section below.

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