Best Naturally Sweetened Protein Powder – 5 of Our Favorites

Best Naturally Sweetened Protein Powder

Trying to find the best naturally sweetened protein powder was like finding a needle in a haystack for me. I spent years drinking protein shakes that contained aspartame.

After trying a shocking amount of protein powders, I was able to nail it down to my favorite 5 naturally sweetened protein powders. Now, when I say naturally sweetened, I mean that they contain no artificial sweeteners.

My personal favorite protein powders are those that are sweetened by stevia. Stevia is a naturally occurring plant, native to Brazil and Paraguay. It has ZERO calories and is over 100 times more sweet than sugar. It’s a win win situation.

All of the protein powders shared below use stevia leaf extract for sweetening. I think that we are going to see stevia go a lot more mainstream soon. It’s benefits are astounding. And the fact that it has no calories is something that everyone can appreciate.

Let’s get into the best naturally sweetened protein powder list. I hope that you can find some value in these.

Vital Proteins Natural Whole Nutrition Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins best sugar free whey protein powder

I put this number one on the list, because this is what I have been currently using for the past few months. In fact, it is the exact protein powder that I use in my 1000 calorie protein shake recipe.

While still being fairly new to the industry (founded in 2013), Vital Proteins took the fitness world by storm with it’s minimal ingredients and massive benefits. With 18g of protein and only 4g of carbs per serving, it’s a no brainer. Can this be the best naturally sweetened protein powder?

For those looking to step up their game with protein powders, this is the way to go.

The only downside I see here is that they only offer 2 flavors. Unflavored and chocolate. I have tried both, and I strongly prefer the chocolate version. If you are looking for more variety in flavor, keep reading.

Levels Grass Fed Whey Protein

Levels Whey Protein best naturally sweetened protein powder

Levels protein powder ensures that you get an absurd amount of protein per serving. In fact, each serving contains 24g of protein and only 3g of carbs.

Levels takes pride in the fact that everything that they use is natural. No artificial anything here.

One of my favorite things about this protein powder is that it only has 5 ingredients. Compare that to some of the more mainstream protein powders, and you will be absolutely shocked.

I think that we can all agree that the less ingredients, the better. That is of course as long as you are still getting the nutrition that you are after. Lucky for us, Levels ticks all of the boxes.

Legion Whey+ Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Legion Whey+ low carb sugar free protein powder

One thing you will notice about all of the protein powders on this list is that they are all low carb. Why? Because stevia itself doesn’t have any calories. This gives the manufacturers of these protein powders room to be creative with it.

Sugar is carbs, and when we don’t have sugar, we focus strictly on the protein content.

Legion has taken the sourcing of their whey a step further than most companies would. They source their whey from Irish dairy farms, where cows famously graze on fresh grass.

The best thing about whey+ is that they have the most variety when it comes to flavors. And not just that, the flavors are crazy good! My 3 favorites are chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, and cinnamon cereal.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

Ascent Native best sugar free protein powder

Known for its unique flavors like lemon sorbet and cappuccino, ascent native takes protein powder creation to new levels.

Outside of its fresh flavors, ascent native also has the highest protein content of any of the powders on this list. They take pride in the fact that their minimally processed protein is the fastest digesting protein in the game.

When it comes to servings per container, you get 29 with this one, so it’s definitely a good way to spend your money.

Naked Whey Protein

Naked Whey Protein best sugar free whey protein powder

Naked whey really hits a home run with their products here. And there is no way around the fact that they only use 3 ingredients in their protein powders.

This is also the only protein powder on this list that uses coconut sugar as it’s sweetener. The only downside here is that it has 8g of carbs per serving. Not to worry though, compared to a protein powder that contains actual sugar, that isn’t very much.

Another massive upside to naked whey is the fact that each container includes a whopping 61 servings. If you do the math based on the price, you will find that your cost per serving is very low.

Protein powder alone is not going to get you into shape

When I first started trying to build muscle, I made a massive mistake. I thought that drinking protein shakes would get me jacked alone. I would spend a lot of time in the gym, but I had no idea what I was doing.

Don’t be like me. Protein powders alone are not going to get you into shape. Finding the best naturally sweetened protein powder is not going to get you into shape.

What will get you into shape is stating your goals (lose weight or gain muscle), and acting upon those goals with the knowledge that you will learn from this blog.

If you are looking to lose weight, you absolutely must eat at a caloric deficit. If you want to build muscle, you have no choice but to eat at a caloric surplus. There is no way around it. Learning about calculating your maintenance calories would be a great start. That will give you a baseline for your daily calorie intake necessary to hit your goals.

Your next step is to create a plan for yourself. If you want to lose weight, you should start with high intensity interval training. You can check out our list of 4 of the best high intensity interval training workouts for beginners at home.

If you are looking to put on muscle, your schedule should be weight training 3-4 days per week with minimal cardio.

We have multiple FREE workout plans in our app All Workouts: Personal Trainer (iOS | Google Play). If you would rather not download our app, check out our beginner bodybuilding routine for mass.

If you are eating at your caloric goals, working out regularly, and doing this for an extended time, your body will change for the better.

Main Point: Best naturally sweetened protein powder

Finding the best naturally sweetened protein powder is not something that comes easy in this day and age. This is why I felt compelled to compile a list of all of the ones that I have tried and liked.

Ultimately, it is up to you what matters most in a protein powder. This list should really help you narrow down what matters most.

Does the 3 ingredient protein powders float your boat? Or maybe you want something with more vitamins. We covered it all in this article, and I think you will find that this list alone will have you covered for years to come.

I make sure to try everything that I recommend, so rest assured that these have been vetted.

The last thing I want to go over is the fact that protein powders are not the end all be all getting into epic shape. Despite the ripped bodies and chiseled jaws you might find in advertising, it’s going to take a lot of work to get where you want to be.

Don’t expect results overnight. Stay committed and keep pushing forward and next thing you know, you will have the body you know you deserve.

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