PHAT Workout App – A Guide

PHAT Workout App

Most people have heard about the PHAT workout plan, and now we have the PHAT workout app. The PHAT app can be downloaded here (iOS).

For those that don’t know, PHAT stands for Power, Hypertrophy, Adaptive Training. It is a 5 day per week workout plan that is designed to build muscle. If building muscle is something that you are into, this app would be perfect for you.

In this article, I will go over the interface of the PHAT workout app, and discuss how powerful it can be for building muscle.

Even today, this is still the workout plan that I use on a daily basis. It is just too good. If you are a beginner, it is not necessary to workout 5 days per week. But as you progress in your workout journey, this might be the perfect workout plan for you.

The welcome screen for the PHAT workout app

PHAT Welcome Screen

When you get to the welcome screen of the PHAT workout app, you will find that the PHAT workout plan is front and center. You can browse our other workout plans, and see the HIIT workouts that we have to offer.

Most of you will start by clicking on the “start this plan” button. This will bring you to the workout plan preview screen.

Workout plan preview screen

PHAT workout app workout plan preview

The workout plan preview screen is here to describe the intention of the workout plan, and give you a sample workout schedule. Keep in mind, this schedule is just a suggestion. At 5 days per week, the PHAT workout plan is pretty intense.

And that means that you are going to have to decide which 5 days are best for you. The workout plan preview page is strictly a suggestion. This screen is also where you lock in your plan. So go ahead and tap on “choose plan.”

From there, it will bring you back out to the home page, where you have your first workout day locked in, and you can click on start. The first workout day for PHAT is always upper power. Once you click on start, it will take you to the workout day screen.

Workout day screen

Workout Day

The workout day screen might be the most overwhelming screen in the PHAT workout app, so be sure to take your time and use the walkthrough provided. This screen will walk you through your workout day.

Tap on the weight under each exercise title to change the amount of weight that you are doing. You can also access illustrations and videos for each exercise.

You will notice that the number 5 is gently pulsing. This indicates that your first order of business is to do 5 reps of the barbell bentover row. The default number is 10 pounds. But your weight might be wildly different, so be sure to change your numbers before getting started.

Once you are done with your reps, simply tap on the pulsing 5. And then it will advance you to the next rep. You can continue this pattern throughout the whole workout.


PHAT app finishers

Finishers are some of my favorite accessories to actually completing the workout. As if one day on the PHAT workout plan wasn’t enough, finishers take it to the next level.

Once you are done with a workout, you can use finishers to blast certain muscles that you want to pop. Finishers really ensure that your muscles are worked out to the fullest. And when you leave the gym, you are going to know that you gave it your all.

Exercises screen

Exercises Screen

By tapping on the exercises icon at the bottom of the screen, you will be taken to our exercises section. Here, you can browse all of the exercises available within the PHAT workout app.

All of the exercises are categorized based on muscle group. You can use these exercises to create a custom workout plan. Or you can just browse them and see what is possible.

Exercise detail screen

PHAT App Exercise Details

Once you click on any exercise from the exercises main screen, you will be taken to the exercise detail screen. This is where you will get an illustration, description, video, and exercise history.

The exercise history section is one of my favorites because over time, you will see that your progress on a specific exercise is increasing. All of this data is pulled from your completed workouts. So the more workouts you complete, the better data you will have.

Custom workout plan wizard

PHAT Workout App Custom Workout Builder

The custom workout wizard is the next level. If the PHAT workout plan isn’t enough for you, creating your own custom workout is rewarding and exciting. You can choose from our over 100 exercises, or just add in your own custom exercises.

This makes for unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating a custom workout. You can name your custom workout plans and have them on hand for whenever you want to access them.

This is really the most powerful part of the PHAT workout app.

HIIT workouts included in the PHAT workout app

PHAT App Exercise Details

If you scroll to the bottom of the main screen, you will see that we have 10 different options for HIIT workouts. HIIT simply stands for high intensity interval training. If you are trying to lose fat, these workouts are the best thing you can possibly do for your body.

Each workout is set for a default of 15 minutes. But you can extend them easily by adding more time.

Recommended equipment screen

Recommended Equipment

Our recommended equipment screen is something that we created after getting countless emails about building a home gym. It is so popular in fact, that we wrote an article dedicated to the same equipment.

The article is called 20 of the best exercise equipment Amazon has to offer.

If you don’t have access to a gym, building your own home gym is a great idea considering you are trying to build a better body for your future. When you know you are going to stay committed for years to come, you might actually end up saving money compared to a gym membership.

Main Point: The PHAT workout app is great for building muscle

The PHAT workout app is a killer muscle creation app with a workout plan that will turn you into a beast. And never forget, a workout plan alone will not get you jacked. But you also must eat at a caloric surplus. Check out our tips for going from a thin body to a muscular body.

Maybe 5 days per week isn’t your thing. Maybe you would prefer to stay 3-4 days per week. This app has 9 built-in workout plans including PHAT, ranging from 3-5 days. And if that wasn’t good enough, we also have the custom workout wizard.

The PHAT workout app was designed for muscle building. And if you are eating at a caloric surplus, you have no excuse not to build muscle!

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