How to Find Time to Workout With a Full Time Job

How to Find Time to Workout With a Full Time Job

Ok, you have a busy schedule, but you need to learn how to find time to workout. I am here to tell you that not only do you have time, but you are probably wasting a lot of time as it is.

If you want to be in great shape, you need to use part of your day to workout. It’s pretty simple. We are going to cover some simple things that you can do in order to prioritize working out.

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Ever since the dawn of the 9-5 job, people have been able to set themselves a rigid routine. Wake up, spend some time with the family, drink coffee, eat breakfast, commute to work, spend most of the day there, come home, eat dinner with the family, watch tv, repeat.

There is nothing wrong with this routine, and it can be quite rewarding sometimes. But, if we are going to improve ourselves in any way, we are going to need to go the extra mile and find out what it is going to take in order to hit our goals.

Audit your hours in the day

According to this data-driven study, the average person goes to sleep around 11pm, and wakes up around 7am. That gives us 16 hours of time awake. Let’s assume that we spend 8 hours at work, and 1 hour with the commute to and from work.

That leaves us with 7 hours of free time to spend with family, eat food, watch TV, read books, etc..

I am pretty sure that your family would understand if you wanted to break away for an hour to improve yourself.

Here is an exercise that we can all do. Not a physical exercise, but a task. Let’s audit what we do in our free time. For 1 week, keep a journal of everything that you do in your free time. That is, the time outside of work or commute.

At the end of one week, let’s find the biggest time wasters. What can we eliminate? Are you watching too much TV? Are you spending too much time in bed on your phone?

For me, it wasn’t TV. One Sunday morning, I received an automated message on my phone to indicate how much screen time I was spending on my phone. I clicked on it and was shocked at what I saw. I was spending almost 3 hours PER DAY on Instagram alone.

After realizing that I was wasting my life away, I deleted instagram and never looked back.

You can easily check how much time you are wasting on your phone by going to your settings and navigating to “screen time.”

Make it easier for you to workout

This may sound obvious, but you need to make it simpler for you to get your exercise on. This is key to learning how to find time to exercise with a busy schedule.

Is there a gym on your route to and from work? This one is my favorite, because any respectable gym has showers. You can just hit the gym on your way to work, and get a shower in before you head out. This will really set a positive tone for the work day.

Maybe you don’t have a gym on your way to work. Well, you can build a home gym from Amazon. A home gym can be a great start to building an incredible body. For me, I was so scrawny that I was afraid to go to the gym. I ended up building a home gym myself.

Now, I love going to the gym, and I still have weights at home for when I need them. One thing to note here, is that my fear of the gym was unfounded. I have never seen or heard anyone making fun of someone else there. For the most part, 99.999% of gym goers are great people just trying to improve themselves.

Commit to going to the gym (or home gym)

Just showing up to the gym is important. Learning how to make working out a habit is something that a lot of people struggle with.

Think about this. If you just did 1 workout per month that was 8 hours long, do you think you would hit your goals? Probably not. Well, what if you did one workout per day that was only 15 minutes? I know for a fact that you would be a lot closer to your goals after one year.

The key is building the habit of either going to the gym, or working out at home.

Even if you only step into the gym for 5 minutes and either do cardio or lift weights, it is better than nothing. This will help you build the habit of going to the gym in the first place.

Once you are comfortable with going to the gym, you can extend your time spent there, and really learn how to find time to workout.

Main Point: How to find time to workout with a full time job

If you have come this far in this article, you now know how to find time to workout with a full time job. It is not easy. Our culture has conditioned us into believing that working a 9-5 is enough for a fulfilled life.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality. We must go above and beyond what society expects of us in order to improve ourselves.

Let’s make a commitment right now to audit our free time, make it easy for us to go to the gym, and actually go. Remember that going to the gym is the most important first step. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes per day.

Make it a habit and your goals will become your reality.

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How to Find Time to Workout

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