Best Pushups to Build Chest Muscles at Home

Best Pushups to Build Chest Muscles at Home

If you have been looking for the best pushups to build chest muscles at home, you have come to the right place.

We are going to go over the 4 pushups that are guaranteed to build a bigger, and more defined chest.

Pushups are the original chest workout. There was no such thing as gyms thousands of years ago. Physical fitness wasn’t really something that people cared about back then either.

Pushups use gravity and your body weight to substitute for weights. This is just like weight training, without the need for actual weights.

One of the most underrated exercises, pushups have been overlooked in recent years due to the commonality of gyms in developed areas.

How many pushups should you do to be effective?

I have heard that the magic number being thrown around is 100. We have heard that doing 100 pushups a day is going to be what it takes to set you free and build a beast of a chest.

The thing is, everybody is different, and you might be at a different stage in your fitness journey.

When I first started working out, I could only do 3 pushups at a time. That means that I would have had to do 33 plus “sets” in order to hit 100. In my case, I could probably only do 10 sets of 3 before I couldn’t even move my chest.

I will tell you though, this won’t last. In fact, make it a goal to incrementally increase your pushups per set. Focus on one set at a time, and do as much as you can do.

At my stage right now, I can probably do 15-20 pushups per set, and 10+ sets. I have actually never tried doing this, so I might give it a shot.

Eventually, you might get to the point where you will want to try using a weighted vest to add on additional pounds. This will help you build more muscle in the long run.

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Let’s get into the best pushups to build chest muscles.

The regular old pushup – The original best chest exercise

Don’t let the age of the standard pushup fool you. Just because something has been around for so long, does not mean it is not effective. In fact, this is one of the most effective exercises of all time.

Face down to the ground, and put your hands straight down from your shoulder. Squeeze your glutes together and make sure that your back is straight, almost parallel to the ground. When you perform your pushup, you want to be sure that your elbows are about 45 degrees out from your body.

Let your body slowly go towards the ground, and then push up with force. That is one pushup. Do as many as you can, and that is one set. Some people struggle with wrist pain, which is why I will usually recommend something like the perfect pushup.

Is the original pushup one of the best pushups to build chest muscles? Let’s move on and find out more.

Close grip pushup – Inner chest workout

Now it is time to add some variation to our workouts. You have already learned about the original, but now we can target different areas of the chest.

The close grip pushup targets more of your inner chest. But don’t let that fool you. It still is going to workout your whole chest, but with more emphasis on the inner chest.

Start in the regular pushup position, then bring your hands in to be below the center of your chest. Here, you want your hands to be 6-10 inches apart.

Again, we will want our arms to be about 45 degrees out from our body when we perform the close grip pushup. Go down slowly and then explode up. That is one.

Medicine Ball Crossover Pushup – Best chest variation

This one right here is probably my favorite pushup of the bunch. You can purchase a medicine ball, or you can just find something around your house to use in place of one.

When I started doing this exercise, I used to use an upside down plastic container. Eventually, I caved in and bought a medicine ball, because I just find it more smooth to perform that way.

The best way to perform the medicine ball crossover pushup is to start in a regular pushup position. Roll the medicine ball under one of your hands, and then perform a pushup. Slow on the way down, explode on the way up.

Once your first pushup is done, then roll the medicine ball to your other hand, and perform the next pushup.

This one is a little bit unique compared to the other pushups because it isn’t just up and down. It requires a variety of switching hands.

Sphinx Pushup – Best for chest and arms

When I first saw someone do a sphinx pushup, I thought it was a joke. I literally thought that someone was pulling a prank on me. It just looks so bizarre, I thought that there is no way that this could be a real exercise.

My thoughts quickly changed when I tried it for myself. These are the real deal. They not only hit your chest, but they get your arms pretty good too! Your triceps will be burning if you perform these correctly.

Start by tucking your arms to your sides. You don’t want the 45 degree flare like the other pushups here. You want those arms tucked to your sides tightly.

Place your palms on the ground and spread out your fingers a bit. One of the keys here is that you want your hands a little bit lower than normal. Towards the bottom of your chest.

If you aren’t doing these correctly, you will feel pressure in your shoulder. If you do feel that, simply lower your hands a bit more. You should feel your chest engaging after that.

Diamond Pushup – Chest blaster

Similar to the close grip pushup, but a little bit more intense. The diamond pushup will challenge you more than the close grip.

This is another one that will workout your arms pretty well.

What you want to do here is form a diamond on the ground with your index fingers and thumbs. Make sure it is directly under your chest. We want the traditional 45 degree arm flare from your sides.

Lower your body down and then explode up. That’s it!

Main Point: Best pushups to build chest muscles at home

You now have the 5 best pushups to build chest muscles. What have you learned?

We learned that not all pushups are created equal. In fact, with consistency and proper nutrition, you could build a beast chest from pushups alone.

If you are skinny and want to build muscle, check out our tips for going from a skinny body to a muscular body. Maybe you are the type that wants to build muscle AND lose weight.

It doesn’t matter which way you cut it, if you want to get in epic shape, you absolutely have what it takes. All you need is yourself and a will to make it happen. Learn about calculating your maintenance calories before you try to make drastic changes.

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