3 Days a Week Workout Plan at Home

3 Days a Week Workout Plan at Home

If you are looking to build muscle, you might consider a 3 days a week workout plan at home. With all of the things going on in the world right now, maybe you have decided that the gym is not where you want to go.

Or maybe you just cannot afford the gym. This is a valid reason that you might want to workout at home. Luckily, we put together a custom workout plan for you so that you don’t have to worry about going to the gym.

These are bodyweight only exercises. A true 3 days a week workout plan at home will be able to cover all muscle groups. So if you come into this workout plan with motivation, you will hit your goals.

If you are trying to gain muscle, be sure to eat at a caloric surplus. If you are trying to lose weight, eat at a caloric deficit. Remember, you cannot build muscle while in a caloric deficit.

The best way to know if you are in a caloric deficit or surplus is to learn how to calculate your maintenance calories. Once you are done with that, then you can tweak your diet to reflect your goals.

One thing that I really want you to know is that your diet is significantly more important than the workout plan. If you think you are going to do this workout plan and magically get into shape, it’s probably not going to happen. This goes for ANY workout plan.

3 days a week workout plan at home

This is a great workout plan for you if you stick with it. Whether you are trying to build muscle or lose fat, this plan will do the trick. But that is only if you are eating towards your goals. If you remember that eating right is the number 1 priority, then you will find success here.

Be sure to download our app All Workouts: Personal Trainer (iOS | Google Play). You can choose from one of our many FREE workout plans. Or you can create your own custom workout to suit your needs better.

Day 1 – Chest and Arms

The glamor muscles as I like to call them! Your chest and muscles are the first thing that people notice when they look at you. Be sure not to skimp out on this workout. If there is one day I do not miss, it is chest and arms!

Close Grip Pushup (3 Sets, 10-20 Reps)

When you start with the close grip pushup, you are showing your body that you mean serious business. This pushup really targets the inside of your pecs. And if you are sure to flex your muscles here with each rep, you are going to get great results.

Medicine Ball Crossover Pushup (3 Sets, 10-20 Reps)

Do not worry if you don’t have a medicine ball. This can be done with an upside down pot, container, or anything else laying around the house.

If you insist on using a medicine ball, I recommend this one from Amazon.

Either way, the reason for medicine ball crossover pushups is to focus on one pec at a time. These pushups alternate the isolation of each pec muscle.

Standard Pushup (3 Sets, 10-20 Reps)

The most classic of all the pushups. This exercise won’t just target your pecs. If you are looking to take this exercise to the next level, you might consider wearing a weighted vest with it. Be sure to check out our best exercises with a weighted vest.

Chinup (3 Sets, 6-8 Reps)

Depending on how heavy you are, chinups can either be super difficult or not that hard. That is ok, just pace yourself. If you can only do one, that is fine. You will get better. Just do your best every day.

I understand that most people don’t have pullup bars at their house. That is why I recommend this door frame pullup bar from Amazon. It won’t break the bank, and you will be sure to get in your reps.

Suspension Trainer Bicep Curl (3 Sets, 8 Reps)

If you don’t have a suspension trainer or cannot afford one, it’s time to get creative. I used to use my kitchen table to do these. I would get under the table and use the edge as a grip. If you would rather just buy the suspension trainers, I recommend these ones from Amazon.

I highly recommend getting yourself some suspension trainers. You won’t regret it.

Diamond Pushup (3 Sets, 10-20 Reps)

The diamond pushup doesn’t just workout your chest. You will feel this strongly in your arms too! Your triceps will be burning after this and you won’t regret it!

Day 2 – Legs

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t skip leg day?” You don’t want to be the guy or gal at the gym with the toned and muscular upper body, but with chicken legs down below.

Leg day also has other benefits, like forcing your body to produce more testosterone. This of course helps out other areas of your body also.

Bulgarian Split Squat (3 Sets, 10-20 Reps)

In the video, you can see that I am using a weight bench. This is completely unnecessary for this exercise. You can use the edge of a couch, or maybe a chair.

The whole point is that you get one leg isolated while the other one gets to work. And since this is a one leg workout, you can bet that it is intense! Be sure to switch legs halfway through your reps.

Walking Lunge (3 Sets, 12 Reps)

When you are performing a walking lunge, you would usually use dumbbells. But this is another exercise that you can get creative on. Do you know those gallon jugs of water? They weigh about 8 pounds, and would be a great substitute for a dumbbell.

You actually don’t need dumbbells here when you are just starting out. Just get used to the motions. And if you are ready to take the next step and purchase some great dumbbells, I recommend these adjustable dumbbells from Amazon.

Dumbbell Stepup (3 Sets, 12 Reps)

This is another exercise where you don’t actually need dumbbells. They are just an aid to our workout. Personally, I recommend dumbbells, but if you are not comfortable with them yet, no worries.

A weight bench is also optional. You can step up onto a couch, bed, chair, or anything else that you have laying around the house.

Jump Squat (3 Sets, 12 Reps)

Jump squats might be the most functional exercise on this whole entire list. These will get your heart rate pumping hard. And they will also make sure that your leg muscles get a solid workout.

You can do these as sets as represented in this workout plan. Or, you could use them as part of a HIIT workout cycle. Check out our list of the best high intensity interval training workouts for beginners at home.

Reverse Table Up (3 Sets, 12 Reps)

Now we are getting more into the hamstrings and glutes. You have to balance out your leg muscles. It can’t just be all quad muscles!

The reverse table up is great for getting the muscles that your standard exercises at the gym wouldn’t get.

Single Leg Glute Bridge (3 Sets, 12 Reps)

The name says it all. You will hit your glutes hard when you perform this exercise correctly. My tip for you is that when you get to the top, make sure you push extra hard and squeeze your glute.

Do this each time you perform the workout and you will get some serious glute gains.

Day 3 – Back and Shoulders

Back and shoulders might not be the most talked about muscle groups, but they will absolutely make you look more well rounded. And of course, your overall strength will increase.

Don’t be sucked in by the thought of doing just chest and arms. Your back muscles will make things happen for you too!

Shoulder Dips (3 Sets, 12 Reps)

Shoulder dips are great, and of course, you don’t need a bench to perform them. You will also notice that shoulder dips hit your arms as well. It’s a win win exercise!

Pike Press (3 Sets, 8 Reps)

Be careful here. Pike presses are not for beginners. If you are not very experienced yet, just do a couple extra sets of shoulder dips. No reason to worry.

If you are ready for pike presses, be prepared for one of the most underrated shoulder exercises of all time. The pike press will focus directly on your shoulders and blast them hard.

Suspension Trainer Y-Raise (3 Sets, 8 Reps)

I mentioned the suspension trainer in the chest and arms section. The Y-Raise is something that can only be performed with a suspension trainer. Again, this is the one that I recommend from Amazon.

These might feel a little bit awkward at first. But do not worry, you will find that if you want to build solid shoulder muscles, this exercise will help you for sure.

Super Man (3 Sets, 30 Seconds Each)

Now we are getting into the back exercises. Supermans might not look like that big of a deal, but give it a shot and you will be shocked with how intense they can be.

The goal here is to engage your core and lift up all your limbs to the sky. Squeeze your back muscles together and don’t let up until you can’t handle it anymore.

Notice how I put 30 seconds into each set. But I want you to listen to your body. Some of you might only be able to do 10 seconds at first. While some of you might be able to do it for 45 seconds. The goal here is just to do your best, and engage those muscles. This is truly a full back exercise.

Suspension Trainer Inverted Row (3 Sets, 8 Reps)

Here comes another suspension trainer exercise. The thing is, if we want to build muscle at home, we are going to have to get creative. For a 3 days a week workout plan at home, the suspension trainer is a necessity.

The inverted row is one of my favorite back exercises of all time. You will find that your posture will improve and your back muscles will grow!

Pullup (3 Sets, 6-8 Reps)

We finish up with the most classic of all the back exercises. The pullup can be done with a weighted vest, or just as is. I prefer to do it without a weighted vest, just because they are intense alone.

Remember, if you don’t already have a pullup bar, this is the one that I recommend from Amazon.

Main Point: 3 days a week workout plan at home

There is no secret to putting on muscle or losing weight. It takes 3 things. Eating at a caloric deficit or surplus (depending on your goals), working out regularly, and being consistent.

That is all it is going to take for you to get in the best shape of your life. Even this 3 days a week workout plan at home will do wonders for your body. That is only if you follow the 3 principles highlighted above.

Three days per week is nothing. You can do this easily! I want you to eat right and stick to this plan for 6 months. If your body has not changed for the better, you get your money back. Oh wait, this plan is FREE. No money back (haha).

Seriously though, you really can make drastic changes in your life while working out at home 3 days per week. It is all about the combination of eating right AND working out.

Do this, and you will not be let down.

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