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All Workouts: Personal Trainer was designed to build muscle and destroy fat.

The workout programs within this app are what helped our founder Brad go from a 135lb weakling (at 6′ 1″) to a 190lb man. Use one of our built in workout plans, or create your own workout plan with our over 100 built in exercises.

Use our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to eradicate fat at a rapid pace.

Download this app and get everything that you need to start your path to getting in extraordinary shape!

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All Addictions: Addiction Help was launched to help people with a vast variety of addictions

Track your progress since your quit day, calculate the amount of money and time saved, distract yourself from temptation, interact with our built-in community, and MORE!

This app relies on your desire to improve yourself in life, and puts you in the driver seat. If you are having a problem with anything from alcohol to porn, All Addictions: Addiction Help already has built in features to help you conquer those problems.

Download this app and find out where your life will be when you can overcome your addictions!