Working Out When Hungover

Working Out When Hungover: Is it a Good Idea?

We have all been there. We wake up after a night of drinking, and we are hungover. It is not a good feeling. But what about if it’s our workout day? Is working out when hungover a good idea? In … Read More

Body Aches vs Muscle Soreness

Body Aches vs Muscle Soreness: What to Do

There is a big difference between body aches vs muscle soreness. Body aches can happen for a variety of reasons. And muscle soreness usually happens after a strenuous workout. In this article we are going to cover the differences between … Read More

How to Identify Your Body Fat Percentage

How to Identify Your Body Fat Percentage

If you have been wondering how to identify your body fat percentage, you have come to the right place. Body fat percentage is very important for so many reasons. If you have high body fat percentage, you aren’t going to … Read More

Why Do I Have a Double Chin When I Am Skinny

Why Do I Have a Double Chin When I Am Skinny?

Someone reached out to me the other day and asked, why do I have a double chin when I am skinny? The answer is simple. Fat distribution genetics are different with every person. In this article, we will discuss why … Read More

Why Do People Get Beer Bellies

Why Do People Get Beer Bellies? It’s Simple

We have seen it a million times. The guy drinking a Busch with a big old beer belly and skinny arms. But why do people get beer bellies in the first place? It’s a combination of genetics, terrible choices, and … Read More

Bad Headache After Working Out

Bad Headache After Working Out? Here’s Why

Getting a bad headache after working out sucks. And if it is something that happens consistently, it is obviously a problem. In this article, we are going to discuss different things that you can try in order to relieve or … Read More

Why Do You Need Fat to Build Muscle

Why Do You Need Fat to Build Muscle? Here’s Why

This seems to be a common question that must be understood in order to successfully gain muscle. Why do you need fat to build muscle? In short, it is because eating at a caloric surplus is going to add weight … Read More

Struggling to Eat Enough Calories

Struggling to Eat Enough Calories? Do This

If you are struggling to eat enough calories, you are not alone. Tens of millions of people across the world struggle daily with the reality that they need to eat more calories than the average person. I know this struggle … Read More

Can You Have Too Much Protein Powder

Can You Have Too Much Protein Powder? Absolutely

The question has come up multiple times recently, can you have too much protein powder? The answer is yes, but not for the reasons that you might think. For too long, people have been regurgitating this lie that your body … Read More

Best High Calorie Snacks for Bulking

Best High Calorie Snacks for Bulking – 5 of Our Favorites

Bulking is a tricky thing. And finding the best high calorie snacks for bulking was no easy task when I started on my journey. For those that don’t know, bulking is when you eat more calories than you burn on … Read More